Birthday Gift Ideas

Sometimes, finding the perfect birthday present for someone can be about as easy as riding up Ayres Rock on a unicycle, but with a bit of imagination there are plenty of gifts that can make a birthday really special.

Obviously, factors such as age, gender, relationship to you, interests and so on need to be considered. It’s also worth checking with other people what they’re thinking of doing in order to co-ordinate gift ideas or surprises.

If it’s a significant age birthday, you can pick something on that theme – for example, eighteen roses for a young lady’s eighteenth, or a cake in the shape of the number. Vouchers are always a reliable fall-back, especially if you’re unsure about their taste in something, but let’s be more creative. Unless they’ve specified an actual present they would like, it’s up to you to think of something they haven’t already got, but would enjoy or find useful. This comes down to a choice between buying them an object, or buying them an experience.

If they have hobbies or interests, think about what they need for these; are there any relevant materials or useful items of equipment you could buy for these? If choosing an actual item is tricky, how about a book on the subject instead, or even enrolling them in a class or day’s workshop to try a new area of their existing hobby?

However, not everyone is into activities or has the time for hobbies, so then what? Lots of people simply like to sit and relax with a few beers. A year’s subscription to a magazine is a good choice, giving them something to browse through while enjoying a cold one, or how about a mini fridge to keep those brews cold? These will always come in useful for parties and even taking on holiday!

On the other hand, if they’re too busy to relax, maybe there’s a piece of gadgetry that would help make their lives a bit easier. For working people, especially those with children, it’s all rush, rush, rush, but luckily technology is moving even faster than we are. Budget is always going to be a factor in any present you consider buying, and some gadgets are expensive but with so much to choose from, there’s bound to be the ideal gift, whether it’s a new set of headphones to the latest in home- entertainment!

It’s worth bearing in mind the danger of personal taste. It’s all too easy to think about what we like or imagine what we think someone else likes. Practical, useful and fun presents are great, but there’s a small risk they might not be quite the right thing. This is even more pertinent when it comes to décor or clothes, so unless you’re buying for your twin, it’s probably safer to avoid these areas altogether. We’ve all received at least one present in our lives where we’ve done our most convincing smile/voice combination of delight whilst simultaneously trying to work out how long we can keep the present in the back of a cupboard before throwing it out. Just because you think their table needs a vase or Tiffany lamp, or that room would be enhanced by a lovely painting, does not mean they feel the same way.

Alternatively, give them a terrific day out. This is the perfect solution to the whole present dilemma and you don’t even need to buy wrapping paper! For the fit, active and plain crazy, there’s sky-diving, scuba diving or mountain biking trails. If that’s a bit too extreme, horse trekking or kayaking might be more appropriate, or one of the many incredible walking trails which every part of this amazing country has to offer. For something really leisurely, how about a river cruise or a day trip to see wildlife or visit a vineyard?

We can’t remember every single present we’ve ever been bought, but the memories of fantastic experiences last forever, so whether it’s a great day out or the experience of a lifetime, this could be the gift that keeps on giving!

Retirement Gift Ideas

Retirement is a big step, the culmination of a lifetime’s work, and should be celebrated with the solemnity that it deserves. Retirement gifts, while they can be humorous, should also be a reflection of the occasion, an acknowledgement that the retiree’s contribution to the business has been an important one. Choosing too comical a gift could mean that the person feels that the celebration of their hard work is something of a joke to the rest of the staff, and could result in hurt feelings and an unpleasant end to a working life. The same applies to an obviously last-minute or cheap gift, while it is true that it is the thought that counts, a lack of thought can be obvious and make the recipient feel as though they are not valued by the company that they have dedicated their working life to.

The ideal retirement gift would be something personalised, uniquely memorable to the recipient, and, if possible, paying homage to the job or the retiree’s position. This would be a true memento, fondly reminding them of the job every time they look at it. However, these items are quite hard to find and can be expensive and time-consuming to locate or have made. There are other options that show a great deal of care and consideration has gone into choosing the gift; here are some ideas:

A wine subscription is a great gift. They usually offer a choice of three to five wines per month, ranging from dry to sweet, red to white, local Australian wines to international favourites, and everything in between. The subscription will usually be for a year, and each delivery is sure to bring a smile to the face of the retiree as the gift allows them to indulge their love of fine wines and think affectionately of the company with every glass. At the end of the subscription, they can choose to renew, or simply let it lapse.

Get a photograph of them, and have a caricaturist or artist create a portrait of them, with colleagues or in their work-space. Once complete, have it professionally framed and captioned so they have a permanent reminder of their time at work that they can place in the most suitable place in their home.

A Kindle or an e-reader is a great idea for readers. If you know the person is into books, you can help them to get into retirement mode by catching up with all those books he or she has been meaning to get around to reading! Some e-readers come with free trial periods which will give the newly at-leisure person access to plenty of books for no outlay. You can even include a subscription to one of the many e-book vendors, to be sure that they have plenty to read for many months to come.

In the months before the retirement, chat with the recipient and find out if there are any hobbies or activities that they are looking forward to trying out once they have the time to indulge themselves. There are a great range of hobby kits on the market, for everything from painting – be it oil, watercolour or acrylic – to pottery to sculpture and many more besides. The gift of a hobby kit is a lovely way to show that their interests are important, that the company listened to their plans and wants to help them achieve their dreams.

Often the newly retired enjoy travelling. Give them a travel journal in which to plan and document their journeys. Boasting handy pockets for postcards and traveller’s cheques, ‘places to see’ lists and plenty of space so the owner can jot down their thoughts and impressions on the go. Sometimes booking and planning a trip can seem daunting, but having a neat book in which to write down everything that needs to be taken care can make sure that everything is in one place, and, thanks to the handy lists inside, unlikely to be forgotten in the excitement.

Experience days are another thoughtful gift that can help the retiree transition from worker to person of leisure. Experiences can be anything from learning to drive a race car to hot air balloon trips to classes in anything from creative writing to photography. There are also quirky vouchers for things like being a zoo-keeper for a day Do make sure that the experience fits well with the recipient: a day trip to an aquarium is no treat for a ichthyophobe!

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new house can be quite an uphill task. Sure, it also gives you this nice feeling of starting afresh but we all know how exhausting it can be to carry your possessions up those stairs. If you are being that helpful and reliable best friend, next door neighbor or relative by helping in the pivotingof those furniture in a walk-up, or maybe you were just invited to the house warming party, be sure to get a gift; that will show that you are happy for them and appreciate the efforts of the people who made the relocation successful.

However, figuring out which gift to get a friend that just moved into their dream house can be quite frustrating. Here are 9 house warming gift ideas to put an end to your search.

  1. DIY mat

If you are a pro at making nice homely mats, why not get one for your friend’s housewarming party? If not, don’t worry there are tutorials on how to make one; all you need to do is follow the necessary steps and Voila! You have a made your friend a nice thoughtful gift.

2. Fancy bottle opener and champagne

Most people work super hard day in day out to acquire their dream house. Therefore, getting hold of that dream calls for celebration and this means popping some champagne. For this reason, when you are invited to a housewarming party, don’t think too hard. A fancy bottle opener accompanied with your host’s favorite bottle of champagne will be a perfect gift.

3. A spice box

Moving into a new house can often cause one to misplace or forget where some of that kitchen stuff was kept. This being a hectic process, one may not have had time to restock all the misplaced stuff like spices. In regards to this, getting your friend a spice box full of all her favorite spices will be quite thoughtful; it will get him or her through the first few days of fixing a fast meal.

4. A plant they can watch grow

To mark this unforgettable day, ‘a baby plant’ can be a very thoughtful gift. Every day your hosts watch the plant gift you brought will be full of happiness as it will evoke nice feelings. Alternatively, you could get them a tree that they can watch grow. This plant will be a constant reminder of this beautiful day in which they got their dream home.

5. Packed dinner 

A post-relocation party that comes immediately after the moving in could mean that your friend (the host) is quite exhausted to prepare dinner. In such a case, it would be very thoughtful of you to bring him or her a well-cooked packed dinner. Your friend must have had a super tiresome day; they will definitely love you for such a gift.

6. Cosy throw blanket

Throw blankets especially the furry ones have always given me a cosy homely feeling. For this reason, I think it would be a nice warm thoughtful gift. With this snuggly gift, watching movies in the new house will be something to look forward to.

7.A personalised chopping board

This is one of the best gifts to get a friend that loves cooking or maybe is a chef. A personalised chopping board drawn or written the picture or words of your choice respectively will definitely warm your hosts’ hearts. Every time they chop onions or tomatoes they will think of you and the memorable day you shared.

8. Customized wall hanging

This kind of wall hanging allows you to customize the gift in any way you like. You can have it custom made in a way to show how deep your friendship or love with the host goes.

However, before getting this gift for your friend’s housewarming party, be sure to find out the theme and colors used to decorate or furnish the house being celebrated.

9. Waterproof speaker

Everyone has that one friend that loves singing in the shower. If this is the friend who just invited you to her housewarming party, a bathroom waterproof speaker would be a thoughtful gift. This will enable her to listen and sing along to her favorite music while in the shower.

Engagement Gift Ideas

Weddings are some of the most joyous ceremonies in that they seal an agreement to bond two people in the name of love. Weddings are important events in almost every culture and have a number of different pre-rituals that serve to foreshadow the main event. In most Western cultures, this foreshadowing is seen in the form of the engagement, or even engagement party. The engagement party kicks off the journey of two becoming one, which is so exciting! However, sometimes the fear of what to gift the two enamored souls is front and centre.


This article will help demonstrate what to do in this situation, while illustrating some of the most acceptable gift ideas. Also, keep in mind both the formality and the background of the person that’s hosting. Are you going to a big-ticket wedding of which you were sent an invitation via mail? Where is the event being held? How well do you know the two that are getting engaged? These are all appropriate questions to be asking prior to purchasing your gift so as to avoid disappointment, embarrassment, or otherwise. From Perth to Melbourne and everywhere in between, it’s now wedding season so let’s get keen!



Don’t Sleep On These Perfect Gifts For That Special Occasion

Finding the right gift for that special moment can seem like a large task, but the fact of the matter is that it is really exciting, easy, and affordable!



Gifts For Couples

Gifting for couples is one of the easiest and smartest choices on the matter. This is because you can strive to get something the pair can enjoy together – get two birds with one stone!

One amazing gift for couples is a planning binder. It will help the pair organize for the big event in style! Sometimes, organizing a big event like a wedding can call upon many people to help organize it; there are people to call, items to rent, invitations to send out, etc. The rap sheet goes on and on when it comes to wedding planning, so why not make it easy for the betrothed by providing them with a planning binder.

Another great gift for couples goes directly into the mouth! Consider ordering an edible bouquet made out of fresh fruits and chocolates. These edible arrangements are a party pleaser as they offer something almost anybody could enjoy. Also, don’t be afraid to purchase a couple of bottles of wine. Remember that buying a pair of white and red could please both individuals as well as plenty of others at the event.



His And Her Gifts

Although gifts for couples are cute, ideal, and provide great default ideas for hasty gift buyers, gifts suited to please both parties at the same time are absolutely special!

Consider buying a quirky outfit that the pair could enjoy wearing – are they Star Wars fans, travel enthusiasts, or sports fans? There are countless paired outfits or costumes out there that almost any couple could get behind, if researched well.



Gift Baskets

Like edible bouquets, gift baskets are the perfect last-minute gift idea that can encompass a variety of aspects that reflect the interests of the betrothed. Gift baskets can be bought and arranged ahead of time from a gift and party specialist, or, the guests themselves could curate them!



Funny Engagement Gifts

Cheesy gag-gifts like embroidered house-hold items, inscribed mugs, or quirky “marriage advice for dummies” type material will be sure to get a laugh, that is, depending on the couple in question. If they are the humorous type, then the latest Tim Minchin album, or tickets to see Rebel Wilson could go over well as it reveals the more adventurous, suggestive side of the gift buyer.



What Not To Buy

Good advice, like any, should be filled with ideas of what not to do as much as what one should be doing. Again, what not to buy as an engagement gift depends on the people getting married, how elaborate their wedding will be, and requires a lot of research.

Hot food is a big no-no when it comes to engagement parties. These events are often catered well in advance, so that savoury Aussie meat pie will just have to wa

Wedding Gift Ideas

It is difficult, in our modern society to know what to purchase as a wedding gift. Couples tying the knot now have often been living together for a good length of time and have already set up their home and don’t need the household basics that used to be guaranteed to delight. So what do you buy if a couple hasn’t sent registry details out with an invite or if they haven’t specifically asked for money? Well, now is the time to think out of the box and treat the couple to something really special, something that they would never have thought of themselves.

You could try an experience gift. In the early days of their marriage, the happy couple is likely to have time on their hands and experiences are perfect for strengthening that bond between them. You could treat them to a tandem skydive perhaps, if the couple is daring, or if they prefer nature perhaps you could gift them an animal encounter. Zoos across the country offer numerous chances to get up close and personal with a variety of different animals, so you are bound to find something that the newlyweds will enjoy. An experience day is highly likely to be the type of gift that no other guest has thought about and is sure to please the special couple as you set them off on their journey of making memories together.

The stress of a wedding can be immense and cause a lot of sleepless nights. What’s more, couples can often feel bereft once the big day and honeymoon is over and they have to face getting back into the swing of normal life, it can be extremely depressing. This is where another gift idea can come in, you could treat the couple to the gift of relaxation. A spa day, couples massage or even a luxury hotel stay can give them something to look forward to once the party is over and help them regather their strength so that they are ready to face the world together. You certainly would be popular if you choose to treat your wedding hosts to the gift of relaxation.

People want to remember their wedding and often memorabilia from the big day will adorn the homes of couples for the rest of their life together. They will have the photographs covered as part of their wedding day but perhaps you could purchase them a quirky piece that will help them decorate their home and serve as a reminder of your friendship and their special day. Websites such as Etsy have hundreds of unique gifts that can be personalised to celebrate the couple and their special day. These types of gifts are always appreciated and often mean more to a couple than luxury items because they come from the heart and are personal.

If the couple celebrating their nuptials have a sense of humour you could consider getting them a present for the bedroom. A copy of the Kama Sutra, edible underwear or some sexy lingerie could be the perfect gift for a couple to take with them on their honeymoon. We all know what honeymoons are for, so there is not likely to be any embarrassment when they open your gift and it will probably get plenty of use while the couple is away. They will certainly remember you and your gift for the right reasons.

If none of these gift ideas take your fancy you can still consider something for the home, just try and make your gift something quirky. They are unlikely to need the basics for their home so you can really go to town when choosing something that they might enjoy. Think luxury, or perhaps something they could have around their house that they might never have thought of. Perhaps you could splash out on an exquisite dining set or a set of fancy coffee table books? Classic champagne flutes always go down well or perhaps you could treat them to some luxurious bed sheets? You could treat them to something for the garden, maybe a fruit tree that they can plant together and that will serve as a memory of the start of their married lives together. Just because you are gifting something for their house doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Baby Gift Ideas

Congratulations! Welcome to the world! It’s a boy! Your best friend has just had their first child, you’ve picked the perfect card and bought a huge bouquet of flowers ready for your first visit to the new mummy. But you should probably take a present too, right? Of course you should. Now what do babies like?

If you’re buying a present for new parents, selecting the right gift can be hard, particularly if you don’t have any kids of your own. Here are a few ideas to ensure that when you turn up to greet the new arrival, you’ll be adding to the joy.

The first thing to think about is whether the present you’re going to get is for the baby or for the new mum (and dad). Having a tiny little new-born to look after brings a whole world of change and let’s face it, chaos. Bringing something for the frazzled grown-ups might be just the thing. For mum it could be some relaxing bath products and a scented candle, something to help her make the most of any precious moment she might get to herself. For dad it could be a good book about what the hell to do with the wailing bundle of joy that lies on the floor and wees everywhere the second you turn your back on the little blighter; there are some great books that look like car manuals to give dad something familiar to go on. Making or buying some meals to cut out the added stress of having to cook can be a life-saver in those crazy first weeks. And a bottle of champagne is never going to miss the mark.

If you want to get something for the baby, you can go in a few different directions. Clothes of course, toys, or maybe bedding and blankets. If you’re buying clothes it’s a great idea not to get new-born sizes; everyone else will do that and suddenly they’ll be twenty different oh-so-cute giraffe onesies that the poor thing won’t have time to wear before he’s grown out of them. Babies grow pretty fast. Instead, get clothes for a three month or six month old. Yes they’ll seem enormous right now, but in a few months time your thoughtful gift will come into play and you’ll be remembered for your smart gift idea. And keep it simple; what new babies need are everyday clothes where it won’t matter if they get covered in a little sick or poop, not necessarily a fancy party dress that’s probably never going to get worn. Think functional.

If you want to get a toy, remember that babies can’t do a whole lot when they’re little. Until they’re a few months old they can’t even really hold onto things, so make it bright, soft and preferably something that squeaks; babies love noises. For the first few months it’s likely that it’s going to be mum or dad playing with the toy while junior watches and tries to figure out what’s going on. Research says that the more stimulation you can give to all a baby’s senses, sight, hearing and touch in particular, the faster they develop the all-important cognitive abilities that they’re going to rely on later.

If you’re going to get some blankets or bedding, once again think functional; it’s going to get grubby and it’s going to go through a fair few washes. Anything that needs dry cleaning is out. Colourful and bright is always good, and you can choose pretty much any animal you can think of and you’ll find it in the mother and baby stores. Some parents really like to use the all-in-one sleep suits, a bit like a baby sleeping bag, but check first as they’re not to everyone’s taste.

Finally, if you really can’t decide what you should get, there’s no shame in asking the new parents. There’s a good chance they’ve already got too many of some things and not enough of others. After all, it’s about giving something that will celebrate the wonderful new arrival, but also something to bring s smile and maybe a helping hand in those crazy, precious first few weeks and months.