Engagement Gift Ideas

Weddings are some of the most joyous ceremonies in that they seal an agreement to bond two people in the name of love. Weddings are important events in almost every culture and have a number of different pre-rituals that serve to foreshadow the main event. In most Western cultures, this foreshadowing is seen in the form of the engagement, or even engagement party. The engagement party kicks off the journey of two becoming one, which is so exciting! However, sometimes the fear of what to gift the two enamored souls is front and centre.


This article will help demonstrate what to do in this situation, while illustrating some of the most acceptable gift ideas. Also, keep in mind both the formality and the background of the person that’s hosting. Are you going to a big-ticket wedding of which you were sent an invitation via mail? Where is the event being held? How well do you know the two that are getting engaged? These are all appropriate questions to be asking prior to purchasing your gift so as to avoid disappointment, embarrassment, or otherwise. From Perth to Melbourne and everywhere in between, it’s now wedding season so let’s get keen!



Don’t Sleep On These Perfect Gifts For That Special Occasion

Finding the right gift for that special moment can seem like a large task, but the fact of the matter is that it is really exciting, easy, and affordable!



Gifts For Couples

Gifting for couples is one of the easiest and smartest choices on the matter. This is because you can strive to get something the pair can enjoy together – get two birds with one stone!

One amazing gift for couples is a planning binder. It will help the pair organize for the big event in style! Sometimes, organizing a big event like a wedding can call upon many people to help organize it; there are people to call, items to rent, invitations to send out, etc. The rap sheet goes on and on when it comes to wedding planning, so why not make it easy for the betrothed by providing them with a planning binder.

Another great gift for couples goes directly into the mouth! Consider ordering an edible bouquet made out of fresh fruits and chocolates. These edible arrangements are a party pleaser as they offer something almost anybody could enjoy. Also, don’t be afraid to purchase a couple of bottles of wine. Remember that buying a pair of white and red could please both individuals as well as plenty of others at the event.



His And Her Gifts

Although gifts for couples are cute, ideal, and provide great default ideas for hasty gift buyers, gifts suited to please both parties at the same time are absolutely special!

Consider buying a quirky outfit that the pair could enjoy wearing – are they Star Wars fans, travel enthusiasts, or sports fans? There are countless paired outfits or costumes out there that almost any couple could get behind, if researched well.



Gift Baskets

Like edible bouquets, gift baskets are the perfect last-minute gift idea that can encompass a variety of aspects that reflect the interests of the betrothed. Gift baskets can be bought and arranged ahead of time from a gift and party specialist, or, the guests themselves could curate them!



Funny Engagement Gifts

Cheesy gag-gifts like embroidered house-hold items, inscribed mugs, or quirky “marriage advice for dummies” type material will be sure to get a laugh, that is, depending on the couple in question. If they are the humorous type, then the latest Tim Minchin album, or tickets to see Rebel Wilson could go over well as it reveals the more adventurous, suggestive side of the gift buyer.



What Not To Buy

Good advice, like any, should be filled with ideas of what not to do as much as what one should be doing. Again, what not to buy as an engagement gift depends on the people getting married, how elaborate their wedding will be, and requires a lot of research.

Hot food is a big no-no when it comes to engagement parties. These events are often catered well in advance, so that savoury Aussie meat pie will just have to wa

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