Wedding Gift Ideas

It is difficult, in our modern society to know what to purchase as a wedding gift. Couples tying the knot now have often been living together for a good length of time and have already set up their home and don’t need the household basics that used to be guaranteed to delight. So what do you buy if a couple hasn’t sent registry details out with an invite or if they haven’t specifically asked for money? Well, now is the time to think out of the box and treat the couple to something really special, something that they would never have thought of themselves.

You could try an experience gift. In the early days of their marriage, the happy couple is likely to have time on their hands and experiences are perfect for strengthening that bond between them. You could treat them to a tandem skydive perhaps, if the couple is daring, or if they prefer nature perhaps you could gift them an animal encounter. Zoos across the country offer numerous chances to get up close and personal with a variety of different animals, so you are bound to find something that the newlyweds will enjoy. An experience day is highly likely to be the type of gift that no other guest has thought about and is sure to please the special couple as you set them off on their journey of making memories together.

The stress of a wedding can be immense and cause a lot of sleepless nights. What’s more, couples can often feel bereft once the big day and honeymoon is over and they have to face getting back into the swing of normal life, it can be extremely depressing. This is where another gift idea can come in, you could treat the couple to the gift of relaxation. A spa day, couples massage or even a luxury hotel stay can give them something to look forward to once the party is over and help them regather their strength so that they are ready to face the world together. You certainly would be popular if you choose to treat your wedding hosts to the gift of relaxation.

People want to remember their wedding and often memorabilia from the big day will adorn the homes of couples for the rest of their life together. They will have the photographs covered as part of their wedding day but perhaps you could purchase them a quirky piece that will help them decorate their home and serve as a reminder of your friendship and their special day. Websites such as Etsy have hundreds of unique gifts that can be personalised to celebrate the couple and their special day. These types of gifts are always appreciated and often mean more to a couple than luxury items because they come from the heart and are personal.

If the couple celebrating their nuptials have a sense of humour you could consider getting them a present for the bedroom. A copy of the Kama Sutra, edible underwear or some sexy lingerie could be the perfect gift for a couple to take with them on their honeymoon. We all know what honeymoons are for, so there is not likely to be any embarrassment when they open your gift and it will probably get plenty of use while the couple is away. They will certainly remember you and your gift for the right reasons.

If none of these gift ideas take your fancy you can still consider something for the home, just try and make your gift something quirky. They are unlikely to need the basics for their home so you can really go to town when choosing something that they might enjoy. Think luxury, or perhaps something they could have around their house that they might never have thought of. Perhaps you could splash out on an exquisite dining set or a set of fancy coffee table books? Classic champagne flutes always go down well or perhaps you could treat them to some luxurious bed sheets? You could treat them to something for the garden, maybe a fruit tree that they can plant together and that will serve as a memory of the start of their married lives together. Just because you are gifting something for their house doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

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