Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new house can be quite an uphill task. Sure, it also gives you this nice feeling of starting afresh but we all know how exhausting it can be to carry your possessions up those stairs. If you are being that helpful and reliable best friend, next door neighbor or relative by helping in the pivotingof those furniture in a walk-up, or maybe you were just invited to the house warming party, be sure to get a gift; that will show that you are happy for them and appreciate the efforts of the people who made the relocation successful.

However, figuring out which gift to get a friend that just moved into their dream house can be quite frustrating. Here are 9 house warming gift ideas to put an end to your search.

  1. DIY mat

If you are a pro at making nice homely mats, why not get one for your friend’s housewarming party? If not, don’t worry there are tutorials on how to make one; all you need to do is follow the necessary steps and Voila! You have a made your friend a nice thoughtful gift.

2. Fancy bottle opener and champagne

Most people work super hard day in day out to acquire their dream house. Therefore, getting hold of that dream calls for celebration and this means popping some champagne. For this reason, when you are invited to a housewarming party, don’t think too hard. A fancy bottle opener accompanied with your host’s favorite bottle of champagne will be a perfect gift.

3. A spice box

Moving into a new house can often cause one to misplace or forget where some of that kitchen stuff was kept. This being a hectic process, one may not have had time to restock all the misplaced stuff like spices. In regards to this, getting your friend a spice box full of all her favorite spices will be quite thoughtful; it will get him or her through the first few days of fixing a fast meal.

4. A plant they can watch grow

To mark this unforgettable day, ‘a baby plant’ can be a very thoughtful gift. Every day your hosts watch the plant gift you brought will be full of happiness as it will evoke nice feelings. Alternatively, you could get them a tree that they can watch grow. This plant will be a constant reminder of this beautiful day in which they got their dream home.

5. Packed dinner 

A post-relocation party that comes immediately after the moving in could mean that your friend (the host) is quite exhausted to prepare dinner. In such a case, it would be very thoughtful of you to bring him or her a well-cooked packed dinner. Your friend must have had a super tiresome day; they will definitely love you for such a gift.

6. Cosy throw blanket

Throw blankets especially the furry ones have always given me a cosy homely feeling. For this reason, I think it would be a nice warm thoughtful gift. With this snuggly gift, watching movies in the new house will be something to look forward to.

7.A personalised chopping board

This is one of the best gifts to get a friend that loves cooking or maybe is a chef. A personalised chopping board drawn or written the picture or words of your choice respectively will definitely warm your hosts’ hearts. Every time they chop onions or tomatoes they will think of you and the memorable day you shared.

8. Customized wall hanging

This kind of wall hanging allows you to customize the gift in any way you like. You can have it custom made in a way to show how deep your friendship or love with the host goes.

However, before getting this gift for your friend’s housewarming party, be sure to find out the theme and colors used to decorate or furnish the house being celebrated.

9. Waterproof speaker

Everyone has that one friend that loves singing in the shower. If this is the friend who just invited you to her housewarming party, a bathroom waterproof speaker would be a thoughtful gift. This will enable her to listen and sing along to her favorite music while in the shower.

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